• Software professional with over 20 years experience.

  • Over 10 years C/C++ experience, principally in a UNIX environment (including Linux).

  • Strong Python skills

  • Masters Degree in Computer Science.

  • Over 7 years lecturing at a tertiary institution.

  • Web experience including HTML, JavaScript, CGI, Python and XML.

  • Extensive SQL experience on Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

  • Visual Basic (from v2 to v6 and VB.net).

  • All Wintel platforms (Windows NT, Windows XP etc.)

  • Experience in Java and Fortran.

  • Language Design (Lex, Flex, Yacc, Bison)

  • Strong scripting experience – Perl, Python and Bash.

Key Achievements

Australian Bureau of Meteorology

  • I was lead developer on the Australian Drought Analyser. This was a high profile project which was run on an extremely short timeline. My team received a Bureau Excellence Award for the project.

  • I created the system which generates the dynamic map and links for the Tropical Cyclone web pages.

  • I was the lead developer on ESCCI Matches. A project for the New South Wales government. This project was selected by the director as setting an example for how projects should be developed.

  • Developed the Storm Confirmer for data services. According to the minutes of the Senior Management Meeting, this application has potentially saved manually processing over 35,000 storm confirmations a year.

  • Regional Water Information website. This project was completed on a very tight schedule and well below budget.


Primary Industries Research Victoria – The research arm of the Department of Primary Industries)

  • I created a database system for scientists and lab technicians which radically improved the workflow and quality assurance of genotyping within the department.

  • I acted as a programming mentor/consultant to scientists within the department and helped develop several complex algorithms. I developed and documented software policies (coding standards, code reviews, version control and bug tracking) that were implemented across the platform as development standards.


A London based precious metals analysis company

In the words of their CEO “I brought their company into the 21st Century”

  • Worked with the business to analyse their data collection strategies and designed a new information system that replaced their existing spreadsheet based method of collecting and analysing information with a database system.


  • Optimised their Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) system and effectively reduced the time from a 24-hour cycle to a 12-hour cycle.

  • Upgraded their legacy FTP system to a Peoplesoft compatible system and integrated with Peoplesoft General Ledger.

  • Developed a cash flow engine which allowed quants to model an unlimited variety of loans.

  • Developed a risk engine which allowed various interpolation routines to be seamlessly integrated (e.g. linear and quadratic).


June 2006 to Present

Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Senior Information Technology Officer/Manager Scientific Unit

  • I joined the Bureau (CCSB) to work on the tropical cyclone module. During this period I made a significant contribution to the project. In particular, I researched and implemented some advanced algorithms for drawing curves (for wind radii) and also contributed to various database design and implementation issues.

  • I was also responsible for the code that generated the map and links on the Tropical Cyclone warning pages on the public web site (www.bom.gov.au/weather/cyclone).

  • I was part of the group that travelled to Indonesia to help set up a Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre (An SSU project).

  • I also developed a web interface to the radar reliability stats (in cooperation with BMRC) and developed the programs to collate and aggregate the data.

  • I then joined NCC and developed software for aggregation of rainfall stats. I also developed software that would allow QC staff to view historic radar, satellite and MSLP images as animations in a web browser.

  • I joined Data Services and developed ESCCI/MATCHES. It was recently showcased to the Bureau executive as an example of how the Bureau should be delivering climate data.

June 2004 to June 2006 (2-year fixed term position)

DPI – PIRVic (Department of Primary Industries – Primary Industries Research, Victoria)

Senior Developer – Bioinformatics

  • Created a variety of tools and databases to assist scientists in their work. This work included work on an LDLA (Linkage Disequilibrium/Linkage Analysis tool - using Monte Carlo Markov Chain techniques), a tool for assessing the reliability of genetic data and two databases – one for recording QTL/Marker data and the other to allow scientists to access and mine EST/Contig data.

    I was primarily responsible for the design and implementation of the databases. The technology included a mix of C++, VB.net, ODBC, Python, Perl and Postgresql.

1997 to 2004

Snipe & Grouse

Senior Consultant

In 1997 I started Snipe & Grouse as a company through which I did contracting and freelance consulting. The clients and tasks included the following:

ANZ/Group Treasury

  • Lead Developer Upgraded FTP (Funds Transfer Pricing) systems to make them compatible with Peoplesoft.

  • Liaised with the data warehouse (GIW) to create a set of specifications for the interchange of data.

  • Acted as a consultant to other developers in Group Treasury to assist in other areas of development.

ADHIS (Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme)

  • I assisted the lead architect with an upgrade of their system from a 32-bit Solaris system to a 64-bit Multiprocessor AIX system. The work involved porting 282 programs, 171 classes, 21,000 lines of test code and over 370,000 lines of code overall.

  • VIAS (Victorian Institute of Animal Science) – Developing C++ classes to assist in their simulation work. These classes were primarily random number generators that allowed them to generate a wide range of distributions (e.g. gamma, binomial, normal etc.)

  • Designed and implemented a database system for monitoring Bulk Milk Cell Counts (BMCC) (Perl/C++/PostgreSQL/Linux).

  • Developed a system to allow for the collection of data for Australian Dairy Herds. Was project manager and responsible for formulating specifications and standards for the collection of data and implementing suitable auditing standards.

  • Liaised with senior public servants and cattle industry representatives about the system specifications (PostgreSQL/Linux/Perl/ Solaris/C++).

  • Upgraded an existing system developed with RogueWave classes to STL. The system consisted of approximately 350,000 lines of code. The work involved finding suitable classes to replace the existing RogueWave classes and in most cases writing new code to replace the existing RogueWave classes (C++/STL/Linux/Solaris)


1999 M.Sc. Computer Science (Victoria University)

1987 B.Sc. Computer Science (University of Cape Town)

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0412 345 938