The following is a list of side projects:

Map based applications

  • ClimNY A Climate map allowing users to view climate statistics for hundreds of stations across the USA.

  • ACORN-SAT Voronoi A map showing the Australian High Quality Temperature Network using a Voronoi Tesselation.

  • ACORN-SAT A map showing the Australian High Quality Temperature Network. Clicking on a marker shows the climate for the point.

  • In The Zone A map allowing a user to see the 10 closest schools to any address in Melbourne.

  • Trois Mots A map which allows a user to specify any location in Australia using three common words. For example, entering the words frequent.manufacture.spend into the input box mots will point to a location near my house.

    To find the words for a location of interest, enter the GPS coordinates into the lat/long input box.

  • Mazetteer The Gazetteer is a list of geographical placenames around Australia. Unfortunately if you don’t know the exact spelling of a place name, you are not likely to find it. Mazetteer will show, on a map, a list of locations that sound like the name you typed in with the most likely ones appearing at the top of the list.

Some work projects

In my full time job at the Bureau of Meteorology, these are some of the projects on which I was the key developer or tech lead:

  • Regional Water Information A system which displays and visualises hundreds of thousands of products related to water.

  • Drought analyser A product developed to inform farmers whether they qualify for concessional loans.